Pick It Up In A Wink!

  • Unique, sanitary pooper scooper
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Effortless operation
  • Leaves no residue on pavement, grass, dirt, floors, carpet, or the Winky Scoop itself
  • Lifetime guarantee!!!
  • $24.95 (Bantam) -
    plus Shipping & Handling starting at $4.00
  • Orders yours online today! We use SSL technology for secure online transactions.

The Most Innovative Product On The Market Today!

The Winky Scoop® is the newest most unique product of its kind on the market today. It's lightweight and effortless operation makes it simple and easy to use. Using the Winky Scoop® allows you to clean up after your pet in a completely sanitary and odorless manner. It is safe to use day or night and it's reflective strips provides you with an added margin of safety during those evening walks. It is constructed of sturdy PVC plastic and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Instructions For Use:

  1. The Winky Scoop® is practically indestructible. Place the plastic bag of your choice over the two wire grips. Once the bag is over the wires, ( claw-like hands) make a receiving pocket in one side of the wire receptacle. This will allow for a number of pick-ups.

  2. Then twist the bag around the shaft of the Winky Scoop and secure a part of the plastic bag into the clipper. NOW . . . your Winky Scoop is ready for the task.

  3. Simply lower the Winky Scoop® over the waste and pull the trigger to place it into the bag. Release the trigger and the waste is placed into the bag without ever coming into contact with the Winky Scoop®.

  4. Once you have picked up your dog's waste, simply unclip or pull the plastic bag away from the holding clip. Then invert the plastic bag . . . inside out . . . start with the bottom part of the plastic bag first, and enclose your animal's waste. Simply dispose of the material.

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